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Perfect Bind Booklet printing services with affordable price and short run quantity.

Customers can purchase perfect bind booklet printing with Image Magic. With instant printout and short run quantities, customer can opt for a short run perfect bind booklet printing to save cost and time. Customer can have online quote for our perfect bind booklet printing by entering their printing specifications for any booklet style. Ordering booklets, journals, manuals, program and guide books and many more can be done with just a few clicks online!

Short Run Perfect Bind Booklet Printing And Mailing Services.

Don’t forget to add your direct mailing services to get your perfect bind booklet printing on time. Our in-house mailing services are easy and affordable.

Variable Data Booklet Printing.

Customers can customize and personalised the booklet printing. Big companies, non-profit organizations and associations are discovering higher returns on their marketing investment just by personalizing their marketing materials.

For different perfect bind booklet quantities, paper, or folding, customers can request a custom quote or a personal quote with a call! Our Customer Service Rep will assist you instantly, as we do not waste your time on automated phone systems. Any queries regarding perfect bind booklet printing will be answered in a jiffy!

If you can't find the exact options you wanted or needed, please login to our website and request a custom quote.

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Perfect Bind Booklet A4 LandscapePerfect Bind Booklet A4 Potrait
A4 LandscapeA4 Potrait


For A4 Landscape the paper type available for cover pages (Simili 80g, 100g, 120g, 140g, Art Paper 128g, Art Paper 157g and Art Card 210g only)

Total (exclusive GST)RM 51.70

Total (exclusive GST)RM 51.70

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