Colop Microban Stamps - bacteria free!

Stamps are shared daily, therefore it is held by many people which leads to multiple transfer of bacteria on the handle. Here in Image Magic, we do not just produce high quality printing but also, caring for your health! Our Colop Mircoban Stamps has a built in Microban antibacterial protection which inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. Get your bacteria free stamps here, and now!

The production of Colop Microban Stamps.

Here in Image Magic, we produce high quality products, however we do care on our customers health, thus for the colop microban stamps, it has a Microban antibacterial protection built-in. This particular COLOP stamps uses Microban 3G Silver technology. As the Microban antibacterial protection is built-in during manufacture therefore it will not wash off or get spoil easily. The textplate are made of RED RUBBER valcanized rubber with 2400 dpi film making the image or logo much sharper.

COLOP Microban Stamps customization.

Customer are encourage to upload their pre-ink stamp for us here in Image Magic, to produce or either design it in our online pre-ink stamp creator. Customer will also have the facility to design their very own pre-ink stamp with ease.

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If you can't find the exact options you want, please login to our website and request a custom quote.

If you have problem ordering online, please email us at or call 03-2072 6323 for more information. We will be able to assist you in designing the rubber stamp .

COLOP Microban Stamps Size Specification
Size (mm)
Rectangle Stamp (Microban)
P10M - 9mm x 26mm | P20M - 13mm x 37mm
P30M - 17mm x 46mm | P40M - 22mm x 58mm
P50M - 29mm x 68mm | P60M - 36mm x 75mm
File Format Accepted
PDF,EPS, GIF, JPG, PSD, TIF, Illustrator

Price Estimator

TotalRM 24.00

Total (include delivery)RM 24.00


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