Engraved Name Tag for personal recognition.

Engraved Name Tag is needed for most of the professional occupation like doctor, politicians, manager and etc. It an eye-catch for people to recognise your name and position. Our engrave name tag available in 9 color, gold and silver background. We are able to provide epoxy into the name tag as well for more professional and long lasting look. Choose either from using plastic pin which is common or use a better range that is magnet that avoid destroying your cloths.

Customer can provide us excel list of the name that need to be done. We will provide artwork for confirmation. The quantity is based on total of different tag. Means if you have 13 names, it will be calculate as 13pcs and it is not 1 name for 13pcs.

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Epoxy Engraved Tag

Epoxy Tag

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T1-75.5mm x 25mm - engraved tag

Total (exclusive GST)RM 12.00

Total (exclusive GST)RM 12.00


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