Professional presentable look for your viewers.

Do you enjoy looking at colorful covers and are intrigued to purchase one on your own? Well, here in Image Magic, we have it all! We create high quality DVD and CD cover prints to showcase your images, design, pictures, logos and so on. By having a great quality cover case, this could attract many as, a picture does speak a thousand words. Thus this will intrigue others, as they are looking forward to watch what you have prepared!

Intriguing commercial display.

In Image Magic we encourage the use of a commercial printed CD and DVD case to display your training videos, application programs, or movies. Thus, designing and printing your cover is important in ensuring the success rate of your CD and DVD case covers. By having a full color printing of your CD and DVD case covers, chances of impressing your viewers would set you at a professional standard that will help you increase your credibility and at the same time build your image into a better one.

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CD DVD Cover Printing Product Specification

If you have problem ordering online, please email us at or call 03-2072 6323 for more information. We will be able to assist you in ordering the cd and dvd cover printing services.

Size (mm)


CD - 120mm x 120mm (Double Sided Printing) - Type A


DVD - 275mm x 180mm (Single Sided Printing) - Type B


CD - 120mm x 120mm (Single Or Double Sided Printing) - Type C

Printing Color
Full Color (4C)
Printing Side
Single Sided Or Double Sided For Type A and C
Single Sided For Type B
Paper Type
Art Paper 157g , Art Card 210g
Quantity (in pcs)
276,288,300,312,324,336,348, 360,372,384
Production Time
File Format Accepted
PDF,EPS, GIF, JPG, PSD, TIF, Illustrator

Price Estimator

Total :RM 14.00

Total (include delivery) :RM 14.00


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