Perfect Bind Booklet Printing.

Are you a writer? Or you happen to be holding on to a stack of documents which you are afraid of losing? Then this is the solution that will put your heart at ease. Not only perfect binding is the wisest choice but it also helps to protect your pages well for the longest of time. Don’t worry, here in Image Magic, our glue will hold the book as strong as the way we hold your heart to keep us going. Never mind the quantity, we can print a minimum order of five books per order. Compile your work and sent it our way, let us do the rest for you. 


Variable Data Booklet Printing.

Just the same, you can opt to customize and insert a personalized message into the design. There is no restriction to the amount of information you want to include in the book. You can sent us your artwork and our designers will be able to advise you on the right choice to make on your desire product. Call us today to learn more! 


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Perfect Bind Booklet A4 LandscapePerfect Bind Booklet A4 Potrait
A4 LandscapeA4 Potrait


For A4 Landscape the paper type available for cover pages (Simili 80g, 100g, 120g, 140g, Art Paper 128g, Art Paper 157g and Art Card 210g only)

TotalRM 51.70

Total (include delivery)RM 51.70


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