AE Stamp-Pre Ink Gel Stamps

What is AE Stamp Original Edition Pre Ink Gel Stamps?

Looking for high quality stamps but always leave from other shops in disappointment? Worry not, here in Image Magic, we provide AE Stamp, which is a Pre Ink Gel Stamp that is using a U.S. Gel System Production Technology. So what exactly does that show? Well, not only is it cheap, but this High-Technology Production System can produce pre-ink stamp with crystal clear imprint as it dries almost instantly on glossy paper with water-proof print out ink. So come over Image Magic now!

AE Stamp Original Edition is environmental friendly.

If you are a nature lover and is looking for a an environmental friendly stamp, well here in Image Magic we produce not only cheap and top notch stamps but also eco-friendly! AE Stamp mount uses environmental friendly plastic which is free from Polyvinylchlorid (PVC). This material comply with the requirements of EU Directive and Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., on the restriction of the use of Certain Hazardous Substances. So, nature lovers, come to Image Magic to purchase your eco-friendly stamps!

Customized your very own stamps!

In Image Magic Printing Company we encourage our customers to design the look of their very own stamps. This can be done by uploading their design for us to create thus our customer will have the facility on designing the pre-ink stamp with ease.

For more information and sample of the stamps, please click here.

If you can't find the exact options you want, please login to our website and request a custom quote.


If you have problem ordering online, please email us at or call 03-2072 6323 for more information. We will be able to assist you in designing the rubber stamp .

AE Pre-Ink Stamp Size Specification
Size (mm)
Round Stamp
AE45 - 45mm | AE40 - 40mm | AE34 - 34mm | AE26 - 26mm
AE22 - 22mm | AE15 - 15mm | AE09 - 9mm
Oval Stamp
OV3248 - 32mm x 48mm | OV2538 - 25mm x 38mm
Rectangle Stamp (Small Size)
AE623 - 6mm x 23mm | AE929 - 9mm x 29mm
AE1313 - 13mm x 13mm | AE1919 - 19mm x 19mm
AE1351 - 13mm x 51mm | AE1376 - 13mm x 76mm
AE1951 - 19mm x 51mm | AE1963 - 19mm x 63mm
AE1976 - 19mm x 76mm | AE19101 - 19mm x 101mm
AE2539 - 25mm x 39mm | AE2551 - 25mm x 51mm
AE2563 - 25mm x 63mm | AE2576 - 25mm x 76mm
AE25101 - 25mm x 101mm | AE25127 - 25mm x 127mm
AE3232 - 32mm x 32mm | AE3251 - 32mm x 51mm
AE3263 - 32mm x 63mm | AE3276 - 32mm x 76mm
AE32101 - 32mm x 101mm
Rectangle Stamp (Big Size)
AE3951 - 39mm x 51mm | AE3963 - 39mm x 63mm
AE3976 - 39mm x 76mm | AE39101 - 39mm x 101mm
AE4551 - 45mm x 51mm | AE4576 - 45mm x 76mm
AE45101 - 45mm x 101mm | AE45127 - 45mm x 127mm
AE5151 - 51mm x 51mm | AE5176 - 51mm x 76mm
AE51101 - 51mm x 101mm | AE5176 - 51mm x 101mm
AE6376 - 63mm x 76mm | AE63101 - 63mm x 101mm
AE76127 - 76mm x 127mm
File Format Accepted
PDF,EPS, GIF, JPG, PSD, TIF, Illustrator
AE Stamp Specification
Gel Production System
A E Stamp is using a U.S. Gell System Production Techonology. This High-Technology Production System can produce stamp with crystal clear imprint, dries almost instantly on glossy paper with water-proof print out ink.
Easy to Re-Ink

1. Recommended use 3M Scotch Tape for cleaning. 2. Squeeze refill over raised letters only. Let it sit overnight, blot any excess ink before using. Refill before slab totally dried-up will help prolong stamp life-span.

A E Refill Ink


Use the wrong ink can permanently damage your stamp.

Please contact us for correct re-inking fluid.

How to adjust the ink density


Turn clockwise for DARKER impression until the indicator pointing at a THICKER BAR, turn anti-clockwise for LIGHTER impression until the indicator pointing at THINNER BAR.

Price Estimator

TotalRM 15.00

Total (include delivery)RM 15.00


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