Boustead Lumut Printing Project 2013

Printing Project Requirement :

Customer required to output 3 copies of document from pdf file for Royal Malaysian Navy for their newly built battle ship Kasturi Class. It consists of all their technical manual and mechanical manual of the ship. They required the folder to be custom made royal navy blue and consists of gold color screw to hold their document. We also need to produce PVC tab with silkscreen printing white color for them to differentiate the title.

Boustead Lumut Printing Project 1 Boustead Lumut Printing Project 2 Boustead Lumut Printing Project 3 Boustead CertificateBoustead Lumut Project 2013 -1 Boustead Lumut Project 5

Chiyoda A4 and A3 Print and Fold Project 2014

Printing Project Requirement : 

Customer required to output 1 copies of document from pdf file for Tokuyama TMP2 Project Construction Record Book. It consists of almost 1000 volume with a few thousand of section that need to be output. It have almost 10,000 or more pdf file that we need to compile and output accordingly to volume and section. It consists of A4 and A3. We fold the A3 into A4 for each of the volume and separate it with red color paper with section number printed. All is printed and packed nicely to be send to Sarawak.

Chiyoda Document Printing Project 2014 - 1Chiyoda Document Printing Project 2014 - 2 Chiyoda Document Printing Project 2014 - 3 Chiyoda ProjectChiyoda Document Printing Project 2014 - 7 Chiyoda Document Printing Project 2014 - 8 Chiyoda Document Printing Project 2014 - 9 Chiyoda Document Printing Project 2014 - 10 Chiyoda Document Printing Project 2014 - 12

Alstom Folder Document Printing For TNB Project 2015

Printing Project Requirement : 

Customer required to output 6 copies of document from pdf file(Operation Manual and Technical Manual) for their newly build 1000 MW Manjung Coal Fired Power Plant Project. It consists of many section and volume that we need to really take note while printing in order to make sure every folder is in sequence as per their excel file requirement. It have A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0 Size which we need to fold for A2, A1and A0 size into A4 and put into a protective Plastic Sheet.

Alstom Folder Document Printing 1 Alstom Folder Document Printing 2 Alstom Folder Document Printing 3 Alstom Folder Document Printing 4 Alstom Folder Document Printing 4 Alstom Project Printing

We have experience for printing these document. Uncountable pdf file that need to output, separation into section printing, inserting of tabs, let us help you to get it done. This required expertise in sorting and file arrangement which we will handle carefully for your project. Call us now at 03-20726323 or email us at