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Here in Image Magic, we understand how pricey it is to get a printing or duplication done, that is why you should head out to our place! You can also get it at any quantity you need, as we provide not only good services, but every printout is produced using the best quality materials there is! You would not only receive conveniences and a reliable service but also the best end product you can't get else where! Feel free to contact us, when you need:

- Punching, Hot Lamination, Drilling, Binding, Folding, Mail Merging, Envelope insertion.

If there is a few master copy which needed to be printed , you can call us at 03-20726323 or email us the softcopy, we will calculate the actual price and email to you for confirmation.

If you can't find the exact options you want, please login to our website and request a custom quote.


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The quantity is the total pages of your document . For example, if you have a 350 pages document , if single sided print, you will have 350 sheets paper . If you print double sided, you will have 175 sheets paper.

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Our customer service team will respond to any email or phone query quickly, and we'll resolve any problems relating to print jobs within 24 hours. We value your feedback, which helps us keep making better.


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We have experienced production staff and graphics designer who can handle the needs of clients large and small. We invest in the best quality printing machinery to meet high standards of our customers - 2,000 and counting!