Envelopes Full Bleed printing - a universal item for office use.

Envelopes full bleed printing is one of the crucial item that is needed in a office. We in Image Magic understand the need of a good quality envelope thus, customer can put on their company logo and information on it to enhance their credibility. Having a specific logo and information of your company, could help the receiver to identify your company instantly! Grab one now!

Envelopes Full Bleed printing is the key in business correspondence.

Interested in making your company looking more presentable or professional in the mailing phase? Be it a brochure, a presentation folder, a marketing packet, a newsletter, or a greeting card, Image Magic is here to provide you the best set of envelopes to upgrade your company image. Commercial envelopes is one of the best tool in business correspondence as the receiver will get a glance of your company based on the information written on the envelope. Here in Image Magic, we will print your logo and return address on the envelope, which would not only save you money, but also time! Having a good set of envelopes full bleed printing gives a professional touch not only to your company but also yourself.

Full Bleed Printing envelopes - up for grabs!

Here in Image Magic, we provide you with a variety of envelope sizes, and paper weight that you can choose depending on your specific needs. Be it small or big, we are capable to do just anything. In Image Magic, we are open for any queries as we are here to help you to get what your heart desires. We are capable in making your mailing system looking - professional.

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OE4496NW (248mm x 114mm) - Non Window

OE4496W (248mm x 114mm) - Window

OE9013NW (229mm x 324mm) - Non Window


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Envelope Model & Specification

ModelSize (mm)Envelope TypeWindowPaper TypeQuantityPeal & Seal
OE4496NW114 x 248PocketNoSimili 100gsm 



OE4496W114 x 248PocketYesSimili 100gsmYes
OE9013NW229 x 324 (Fit A4 Size)PocketNoSimili 100gsmYes

Envelope Full Bleed Printing Sample

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TotalRM 267.12

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