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Folded Size : 90mm x 54mm | 90mm x 50mm | 90mm x 52mm | 90mm x 54mm

Potrait Folded Business Card

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Folded Business Card: Creating a mystery.

Sick of the old traditional business card look? We give you something different to uncover the mystery. Introducing the new Folded Business Card, it gives you a much more spacious area to put in your information through the most creative design possible without having to cram everything on the same page. With the flip open design of the card, every card will look like a personal invitation to your customers, luring them in to peep into the content of your business card, wanting to know more of what you are ready to offer. When you place your order with us, we will get your card ready in just 2 days’ time. Make sure to check this out!

Folded Business Card Printing: Paper type and Finishing.

Don't restrict yourself as we offer different types of paper, you can choose the kind of paper quality you want for your folded business card to be. We provide the finishing touch of your folded business card in ways that you find suitable. Give us a call today if you wish to know more and we will do our best to assist you. 

* Please take note that we will not fold the card, we provide only creasing line for you together with name card boxes.

If you can't find the exact options you want, please login to our website and request a custom quote.

Folded Business Card Printing Product Specification

If you have problem ordering online, please email us at or call 03-2072 6323 for more information. We will be able to assist you in ordering the Folded Business Card printing.


Standard Size (mm)
90mm x 108mm - Potrait Fold, 90mm x 100mm - Potrait Fold
90mm x 104mm - Potrait Fold, 90mm x 90mm - Potrait Fold
180mm x 54mm - Landscape Fold, 180mm x 50mm - Landscape Fold
180mm x 52mm - Landscape Fold, 180mm x 45mm - Landscape Fold
Printing Color
Full Color (4C)
Printing Side
1Side, 2 Sided
Paper Type
Art Paper 157gsm
Art Card 260gsm, Art Card 310gsm
Ivory Card 250gsm , Cream Ivory Card 250gsm
Poladon 250gsm (Metallic Gold)
100 - 5000 (Increment by 100pcs)
Creasing Line
2 Days ( Please take note we will not fold the card, we provide only creasing line for you.
File Format Accepted
PDF,EPS, GIF, JPG, PSD, TIF, Illustrator