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Hard Cover Wire O Bind Books and notebook printing.

Reference books, instruction manuals, diaries, presentations, business reports and cookbooks that you can consult hands-free will often be much easier to read if wire bound. The wire-o binding consists of collecting the pages together, punching holes along one side and then binding them together with a wire ring.

Hard Cover Wire Bind Book can be customized to your needs.

Hard cover wire bind book can opted for matt laminated or gloss laminated. You can customised up to 12 pages of content to advertise you product or company profile. Our hard cover wire bind book size is A5 size.

If you have any questions regard the product or ordering process, please have a look at our Frequent Ask Questions. If there any issue that you need to reach us for help, please email us at or call 03-20726323 , whatapps: 012-6512849.

1. What kind of finishing for the hard cover wire o notebook?

We finish the proudct by wire-o-binding (black color) at side and image wrap the chipboard 1000gsm with your company cover design. Matt or Gloss Lamination is also available for the cover.

2. How many sheet of paper for content?

It is standard 80 sheets of paper with lines per book not including cover and back cover.

3. If i want to include my company profile introduction page into the notebook, it is doable?

Yes, we are able to print your company profile design up to 12 pages.

4. For content, it is printed single sided or double sided?

Content will be printed double sided.

Inner Sample for Notebook

5. I have JPG file only , can you help me to set the files accordingly?

Yes, please upload JPG file in the proportionate size according to your order, then we can help to set it into the canvas and send the files over to you for approval.