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Print and Cut sticker printing to make beautiful images with dye cut finish.

Print and cut sticker printing is suitable for customer who need wall mural or window display with custom dye cut shape. Nothing is more important than full attention when it comes to business promoting, we have a range of print and cut product size which is printed in high photo quality resolution. Colorful images which can be adhered to a wide range of non-porous substrates. Print and cut is available with custom dye cut shape for advertising starting from your car bumper , bus sticker, window sticker, model trains, bathroom tiles, and also as a layer of 'skin' that can help to cover your laptop and a whole lot of other places.

Print and Cut with normal white stickers, transparency and car static cling (Car Sticker).

We take only4 days to print and cut your desired print jobs. We have material like white stickers, transparency and car stati cling for you to choose from. Our material is suitable for indoor or outdoor enviroment.

Durable Print and Cut Printing Services

We provide sticker that can withstand the elements, if you are still trouble, add lamination in your order for another layer of protection. A laminated print and cut sticker helps to protect it from any wear and tear, while it comes in with a lustrous sheen that makes your full color printing pop up!

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The method of calculation.


The size is 24" x 24" , so the price will fall under RM 32.00 per pcs.


The size is 36" x 18" , so the price will fall under RM 36.00 per pcs.


The size is 21" x 29" , so the price will fall under size 24" x 30" . So the price per pcs will be RM 40.00.

Price Estimator


PLease provide us outline of the file for plotting services. We do not redraw the outline of the shape.

TotalRM 21.50

Total (include delivery)RM 21.50


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