Embossing Seal - the classy way to seal.

Looking for a classy look to seal up that envelope in your office? Come and get you very own embossing seal from Image Magic Printing Company where we will provide you the best embossing seal. Embossing Seal is suitable for office use in order to emboss the company logo into the required places. However the need to reinforce high strengthen steel is crucial to with ensure durability, quality and rigidity.

Embossing seal in the making.

Image Magic advance engraving technology machine and our high quality brass-plate will give your seal press a remarkable imprint. With the variety of choices of embossing seal, you can choose whether to use it in the office desktop or storage as it is convenient and compact to carry.

Custom-make your very own embossing seal.

Customer can upload their embossing seal for us to produce or either design it in our online pre-ink stamp creator. Image Magic customer will have the facility on designing the embossing seal with ease.

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* Please take note that we required letter of authorisation if the embossing seal is for university, college , school or goverment sector. We will not proceed with the order if we does not have the authorisation letter.

If you can't find the exact options you want, please login to our website and request a custom quote.

Embossing Seal Size Specification

If you have problem ordering online, please email us at sales@imagemagic.com.my or call 03-2072 6323 for more information. We will be able to assist you in designing the embossing seal .

Size (mm) (Round Type)
ES-40 - 39mm x 39mm (Pocket Type)
DESK-S1 - 39mm x 39mm (Desktop Type)
DESK-S2 - 39mm x 39mm (Desktop Type)
DESK-S5 - 52mm x 52mm (Desktop Type)
DESK-S6 - 42mm x 42mm (Desktop Type)


Please take note that embossing seal is suitable for paper weight between 80gsm - 120gsm only.

File Format Accepted
PDF,EPS, GIF, JPG, PSD, TIF, Illustrator

Embossing Seal Sample

Embossing Seal Sample

Price Estimator


Total :RM 100.00

Total (include delivery) :RM 100.00


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