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RM 16.00

Total (include delivery) :RM 16.00
Student Stamp for stamping your children book and would not lost it.
Label all your child's belongings easily and prevent them from getting lost or mixed up with another classmate's belongings. Open, stamp and close! It is that simple and easy to use! 
Stamp Type: Pre-Inked Stamp
Stamp Shape: Round
Waterproof: Yes
Refillable: Yes 
Check your favourite icon designs from the picture and Select the icon code from the dropdown menu & Write your child's name in the text area.
student stamp information (babies)Student Stamp Information (Adventures)Student Stamp Information (Globetrotters)
Stamp Code (Size)Quantity FromQuantity ToPrice
AK (8 mm x 26 mm)15RM 16.00
610RM 15.50
1150RM 15.00
AA (9 mm x 36 mm)15RM 18.00
610RM 17.50
1150RM 17.00
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