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Receipt Book - best way of managing.

Having a hard time keeping track on the flow of money? Too many paper and notes around and it gets messy and can't be track? Image Magic is here to rescue! We produce good receipt book where you are able to track back easily, especially with our carbonless books! Petty things such as invoice and receipts can be tracked back instantly.

Our receipt book is available in multi-layers and in a wide range of colour papers. These NCR books can be numbered and perforated to suit your business.

However if you have a sample which you want us to implant on it, you can scan the format and upload to us in a jpeg file. We will do the artwork for you at a reasonable price.

Click Here to See Color Available For 1 Spot Color Printing.

If you can't find the exact options you want, please login to our website and request a custom quote.

Receipt Book Printing Specification

If you have problem ordering online, please email us at or call 03-2072 6323 for more information. We will be able to assist you in ordering the receipt book printing.

Size (mm)
90mm x 140mm, 90mm x 177mm
95mmx 210mm, 95mm x 225mm
105mm x 145mm, 105mm x 175mm
107mm x 190mm, 110mm x 210mm
120mm x 210mm, 120mm x 230mm
125mm x 175mm, 135mm x 210mm
145mm x 148m, 145mm x 190mm
145mm x 210mm, 160mm x 240mm
165mm x 210mm, 170mm x 190mm
173mm x 206mm, 176mm x 250mm
180mm x 280mm, 190mm x 210mm
190mm x 270mm, 190mm x 290mm
206mm x 240mm, 206mm x 330mm
210mm x 270mm, 210mm x 297mm
250mm x 353mm, 291mm x 420mm
330mm x 420mm
Printing Color
Front - 1 Color (1C+0C) , Front - 2 Color (2C+0C)
Front  - 4 Color (4C+0C)
Front - 1 Color, Back - 1 Color (1C+1C)
Front - 2 Color, Back - 1 Color (2C+1C)
Front - 4 Color, Back - 1 Color (4C+1C)
Printing Material + Layer (Ply)
NCR - 2 Layer (Ply), NCR - 3 Layer (Ply)
NCR - 4 Layer (Ply), NCR - 5 Layer (Ply)
Paper Type
60g NCR Paper
Landscape - Left Side Binding
Potrait - Top Side Binding
Binding Type

Book Form

Book Form

pad form

Pad Form

10books - 200 books
9 Days Normal Order
File Format Accepted
PDF,EPS, GIF, JPG, PSD, TIF, Illustrator