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Please select your layer(ply) for your receipt book.

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Receipt Book exactly how you want them and at an expceptional price!

Having a hard time keeping track on the flow of money? Too many paper and notes around and it gets messy and can't be track? Image Magic is here to rescue! We produce good receipt book where you are able to track back easily, especially with our carbonless books! Petty things such as invoice and receipts can be tracked back instantly.

Our receipt book is available in multi-layers and in a wide range of colour papers. These NCR books can be numbered and perforated to suit your business.

However if you have a sample which you want us to implant on it, you can scan the format and upload to us in a jpeg file. We will do the artwork for you at a reasonable price.

** Due to EMCO in KL and Selangor, all deliveries schedule may be affected. To know more please whatapps: 012-6512849 before order.

If you have any questions regard the product or ordering process, please have a look at our Frequent Ask Questions. If there any issue that you need to reach us for help, please email us at or call 03-20726323 , whatapps: 012-6512849.

1. What size is available for your receipt book printing?

90mm x 140mm, 90mm x 177mm,
95mmx 210mm, 95mm x 225mm,
105mm x 145mm, 105mm x 175mm
107mm x 190mm, 110mm x 210mm,
120mm x 210mm, 120mm x 230mm,
125mm x 175mm, 135mm x 210mm,
145mm x 148mm, 145mm x 190mm,
145mm x 210mm, 160mm x 240mm,
165mm x 210mm, 170mm x 190mm,
173mm x 206mm, 176mm x 250mm,
180mm x 280mm, 190mm x 210mm,
190mm x 270mm, 190mm x 290mm,
206mm x 240mm, 206mm x 330mm,
210mm x 270mm, 210mm x 297mm,
250mm x 353mm, 291mm x 420mm,
330mm x 420mm.

2. Can i print 1 Color instead of 4 color?

Yes, we can print 1,2, and 4 color for your receipt book. For 1 color, here are the pantone color that you can choose from.

spot color for receipt book

3. I cant find my required size, can i request a quote?

Yes, you can request your quote by clicking request quote at above top right side orange button.

4. What binding format do you have?

We have 2 types which is top padding and book form binding.

pad form Book Form

5. How many ply of NCR paper can i choose?

We have minimum of 2 ply up to 5 ply.

4. I have JPG file only , can you help me to set the files accordingly?

Yes, please upload JPG file in the proportionate size according to your order, then we can help to set it into the canvas and send the files over to you for approval.

5. Can you provide us artwork for us?

Yes, please whatapps us at 012-6512849, extra charges may apply.

Please follow our guidelines when preparing for your artwork.

  • Download our templates. Make sure your artwork is in the safe zone.
  • Please provide images or graphics at least 200 dpi actual size of your order.
  • Please outline the fonts.
  • Save your files as pdf format.
  • Make sure there is no wordings or element are set on overprint.